2018 Uni Essentials

It’s not too long now until uni will be back for semester 1 – but trimester peeps, how are you doing it, seriously? I need a good 3 months to recover from exams and assignments. I think I have mentioned this before but pretty stationary just motivates me even future. And doing subjects outside my marketing background like contract law, I’m going to need the extra motivation. Essentially, everything in this post is under $25 so it should be quite accessible and affordable. I’ve linked all items that are accessible online but the ones that aren’t, you should still be able to buy in-store. I’ll link the websites anyway just in case you want to keep an eye on them in case they come available online.


This was a christmas present off my sister and I seriously love it. Kikki K’s quality is exceptional so you cannot go wrong. It’s perfect to have on your desk to quickly write notes in, especially when you have the short term memory of a goldfish! Plus it matches my room very nicely. This will be perfect for jotting down my group work meeting dates, when assignments are due and what I need to study by when. Very handy and convenient.

Stabilo Boss Highlighters 6 Pack PASTEL $14.95

I am an avid highlighter when it comes to life in general, so these are an essential! And I saw these pastel babies on Pinterest a while back but never seemed to be able to find them in store. So I took a look on eBay and they were actually pretty affordable. I’m pretty certain that they are authentic, but If you’re unsure you could always shop them on Etsy!

Kmart 2018 Planner $5.00

I decided that this year I would downsize from my bulky planners to a smaller A5 diary for everyday things. It’s just a lot easier to chuck in my backpack, nothing is getting squashed and I can just whoop it out whenever necessary. This one is just from Kmart which I bought in late December but I’ve still seen them around Kmart store.

Kmart Accessory Set – Rose Gold Look $5.00

Last semester, I would always turn in my hard copy papers with a rose gold clip because I feel as a marketing student, it strengthens my work credibility. 😉 I’m not sure if it actually works, but at least I feel pretty about my papers. Essentially, these clips are just handy for dividing work when you’re not looking to staple together for easy access. Pretty basic stuff, just pretty.

Colette by Colette Hayman Rose Gold 13 Inch Laptop Case $24.99

It was time to invest in a new laptop case because new year, new me. Plus the rose gold just got me. I really love how this one comes with a pocket so I can store my laptop charger in there and not have to go nuts looking for it urgently in my bag whilst I have a million things unsaved and my battery is on 1%. First world problems, am I right?

Pusheen Travel Mug $14.90

Okay, I’m 99% sure I’m still going to buy coffee from uni because its like my favourite thing. But, it’s still handy to have a travel mug on those days when I’m low on cash. And when you’re sitting in the car or train, and its like 10 degrees outside, you’ll be thankful for your homemade coffee. Plus, Pusheen on your travel mug would make any morning cuter.

What are your university essentials this year? What motivates you to do your study? 


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  1. I always love getting organised for uni! Except I always buy stationary and never use it!
    Your studying marketing!! I’m studying Journalism but I’m going to be taking some Public Relations courses this semester to shake it up a bit.

    You’re so organised for uni and I love all of the rose gold colours!

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