Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation Review

About a week ago, I impulsively purchased the Huda Beauty Faux Filter foundation. I originally wasn’t going to get it, however, I had accumulated a very small list of reasons to justify this purchase.

  1. Originally, I was going to purchase a new foundation since I just used up my Too Faced BTW foundation *cries*.
  2. I found a really good shade match sheet from the wonderful Holly (@brokebypayday on Insta!). It  basically said that the shade Ivory in the Too Faced BTW foundation was a similar match for Huda Beauty’s Creme Brûlée.
  3. Creme Brûlée is my favourite dessert, so, obviously it’s meant to be.

The foundation is said to be a high coverage cream foundation and is available in 30 shades.


The foundation comes in an easy to use pump bottle. I used about 1 and a half pumps of foundation for my entire face, and bounced it into the skin with a Eco Tools Duo Blender tool (the larger, darker green one). 1 and a half pumps was definitely enough for a full coverage, for me.

My initial thoughts were that the foundation was quite thick, but that slowly melted away as the foundation blended into my skin pretty seamlessly. I don’t think the foundation is at all thick, since using it again. However, it’s definitely not watery or runny. It’s a lovely medium texture.

I applied my makeup like usual but this time I used a powder (sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t, depending on my degree of laziness) which was the RCMA No Color Powder.

I did notice I had weird lines on my face, near my cheek bone. (Check above at selfie pic). Honestly, I think it was from the bronzer because I did decide to experiment with a new bronzer which made me look like a muddy mess. Because of this, it made me unsure whether it was the foundation or not. I tested the foundation out the next day and everything was perfect (below picture is of the day after).

Wear time 

Absolutely amazing. It lasted from 11am to 7pm beautifully. It did essentially start to wear off around the 6pm mark, but I wasn’t oily nor sticky. I didn’t want to take my makeup off. But, my eyelashes had essentially bonded into my eyeballs so it was time for removal. Honestly, I am super impressed with this foundation. No cakeyness, no patchiness, no weird lines (on day 2) and a good, long lasting wear.

Huda has done quite an amazing job with her makeup line. Keep an eye out for my review on Huda’s Desert Dusk and Mauve Obsession Palette.

Price & where to buy it

I purchased mine from Sephora Australia Online for $65 AUD. You can also get it from Shop Huda Beauty & Cult Beauty!

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