Falsie Facts – Tips and Tricks for False Lash Beginners!


I am an absolute lash junkie. 99.5% I will not wear makeup without some sort of false lashes. I was just never blessed with voluminous, fluffy lashes. My lashes are long and thick, but they’re straight so no matter how many copious coats of mascara I put on, I look like I’m missing eyeballs.

Since I’ve been applying false lashes since 9th grade (yes, that was almost 9 years ago), I feel like I have the lash thing down pat. So I though I’d share a few tips on what to start with if you’re wanting to try some out.

Number 1 – Half lashes are your bestie!

Half lashes were my absolute go-to in high school, as I wasn’t allowed to get eyelash extensions and wasn’t allowed anything too dramatic to wear to school. So, I used to purchase the Eva lashes by Glam by Manicare RELIGIOUSLY. They are sooooo easy to use! Also, Social Eyes have a lash called Tease 2.0 which are a little more dramatic but I love them. I have inserted three OG picks of myself a few years back wearing the lashes.

You literally just peel them out of the tray, apply the glue, let the glue get all good and tacky, then stick to your lash line. They still look natural but add a nice amount of length and volume to elongate your eyes. 🙌🏻


Number 2 – Easy Lashes!

Huda Beauty have an easy lash called Camille that I’m absolutely obsessed with! If you hate cutting lashes, these ones are already pre-cut. BUT, they’re absolutely beautiful, minx-like and comfortable. Easy drama without a fuss (there’s a fun oxymoron for you!).

If you don’t mind cutting lashes, Huda has a style called Scarlett where I only need to remove one portion of the lash to fit my eyes and the application is super easy every time. I’m wearing Camille in the first pic below and Scarlett in the second!

Number 3 – Individual lashes!

I find individual lashes a little bit more tedious than the other two options. However, they’re a much better cost solution as they’re semi permanent (the ones in the past I’ve purchased were!). But you can make it easy for yourself by just adding a few lashes to the outer lash line of your eye, still creating that beautiful, open eye effect. Depending on your drama preference, it’s still rather easy. Ardell make really nice individual lashes.

I also love to add individual lashes to the ends of strip lashes to make them look more dramatic.

Let me know if you’d like any other lash tips including a video on how to apply them 😃

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