Lazy girls guide to cool affordable haircare at Priceline

If you’re a girl like me with a lot of hair, you may be a little lazy when it comes to styling, maintenance and all that jazz. I have concocted a list of products that make my life just that bit  easier and are coming to an amazing half price in Priceline stores. So, already affordable haircare that’s just become even cheaper, yassss! These products can make your daily styling struggles a lot easier and keep your hair healthy, which basically means – the healthier the hair, the easier it is to maintain!

I’ve divided up all these super cool products into categories to make finding a product for you just that bit easier. PPS this sale runs from the 5th & 6th July 2017.

Something for .. oily roots?

Batiste Dry Shampoo for Beautiful Brunettes

Batiste holds my heart for their Beautiful Brunettes DS. It’s brown and not white, so brushing it out into the roots is made exceptionally easier and less time consuming. Every bit of time counts. 😉 It also freshens those roots right up so you should be able to get an extra day before you have to wash that mane.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Rose Gold

As a fellow rose gold junkie, this DS has my name written all over it. It has a beautiful scent of violet and vanilla, and the packaging is just goals. Your hair is left feeling fresh and deliciously-scented. Best for girls with lighter hair colours, as the DS is white (so you do have too massage/ brush through the roots).

*Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

Klorane also have a AMAZING range of dry shampoos. My favourite in particular is the DS with oat milk, which also has an added brown tint, similar to the Batiste one. I find that as well as freshening my roots, it adds tonnes of volume.

Something for .. cleansing and conditioning?

*Klorane Nourishing Shampoo with Mango Butter

A beautiful, nourishing shampoo that keeps my hair feeling healthy and silky smooth. The entire range is really just lovely, and if you’re someone with dehydrated hair that needs some nourishing hydration, definitely give this a try. Both the shampoo and conditioner are rich and the mango butter performs wonders for your hair.

I do really love the scent of this as well. Its literally like a summer dream. And the scent actually stays in your hair, so you will be smelling beautiful until your next wash.

*Klorane Colour Enhancer Conditioner with Pomegranate

Another beautiful product. The conditioner is quite light in consistency, so it doesn’t particularly weigh down my hair. I do also feel it enhances the colour of my blonde ends, when used in combination with the matching shampoo.

Something for .. extra hold?

*Batiste Stylist Hold Me Hairspray

The Hold Me Hairspray is a beautifully light hair spray that doesn’t leave your hair feeling really ‘crunchy’ like a lot of hairsprays do. It has a pleasant scent as well as being quite easy to brush out of your hair, and quite frankly, any lazy girl would love this!

Something for .. treating and taming?

*L’Oreal Botanical Smooth Ritual Leave in Cream

I really struggle to tame frizz to a full stop, but this leave in cream by L’Oreal does a lovely job. I just squeeze out a pea sized amount, rub it into my palms then apply it onto my mids and ends. It swiftly tames my frizz.

*Klorane Colour Enhancing Leave in Cream with Pomegranate

LOVE this cream. I originally was super excited to try this as my friend Em, The Makeup Grub, said it dries rose gold. Even though it doesn’t really dry rose gold in my hair, it does contain mother of pearl to enhance radiance. Plus, the packaging is so pretty and feminine and looks so cute in my shower.

Something for .. some fun colour?

*L’Oreal Colour Rista Spray 1-Day Colour

Okay, no lazy girl can go past this trick. The new Color Rista Sprays are gorgeous if you want to add some fun colour to your hair. You literally just spray it into your hair and you’re done. I do find it isn’t as opaque on darker hair, but it looks bomb on blonde hair. I would definitely take full advantage of these on sale because they’re awesome.

Something for .. making travelling much more convenient?

*Klorane Travel-sized cuties

As mentioned before, I absolutely love the majority of the products that Klorane has to offer. And now, they have our favourites in travel-friendly cutie sizes *high pitch screaming*. This will definitely make all my travelling a lot easier, whether I’m flying or staying at a friends place. Saves a lot of space for us girls who don’t know what makeup they are going to be taking with them . 😉

Please share with me what you end up picking up!

*Products marked were gifted for editorial consideration 
*This post contains affiliate links


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