Whoops, Another Colour Pop Haul!

I have been contemplating doing this Colour Pop haul for a small while as, well .. I only just did one, two weeks prior. And yes, I was feeling very uncomfortable as I purchased some of the new pressed shadows in my last order, leaving my palette looking very naked and not as photographic.

Even though there was a lot of umming and rrring, I bit the bullet and spent my life savings. I was like, “free international shipping over $50USD, how can I lose? I’ll just spend $50 USD”. *$85AUD later*.

Yesterday, the packaging arrived at my door, and even though I was feeling very guilty because I’m meant to be saving, the guilt quickly subsided, and turned into excitement. SO, here is what I picked up.


I originally saw this stunning palette on Jaclyn Hill’s current favourites video, and because the queen gave her blessings, I had to have it. It was actually out of stock for quite some time, and I was quite nervous it wouldn’t come back because I’m pretty sure its limited edition.

The palette comes with two powders; a bronzer and highlighter. They are both super creamy and pigmented. I do find the bronzer very orange, especially when I swatched it on my hand. I have tried it on my face without foundation and I don’t mind it. It looks a little orangey but its not like an unhealthy, Dorito inspired orange. More like a bronzer-blush combo. The highlight on the other hand, absolutely stunning. I say these shades would look most flattering on medium-tan skin tones.


I’m not going to go too into detail here because I’m going to do a full review on this kit in a seperate post. But, what enticed me to buy this kit was Colour Pop’s Insta Story. They were applying the shadows on a model (I think the shades Drift & Amaze) and I was just enticed right away. The kit comes in a set of six, packed very nicely and compact, with a mirror. The shades included Super Hard Core, DGAF, Wattles, Amaze, Sailor & Drift. A nice range of gorgeous warm, cranberry-taupe colours. Most of these shades do have some sort of glitter in them, just a FYI.

The Super Shock Shadow formula is absolutely beautiful to touch. They feel smooth, velvety and buttery. They are generally very pigmented, however the shade Drift was a little bit less pigmented than the other ones, when swatching.


Okay, I basically bought this palette because I was desperate to fill my other pressed shadow palette up. I am so happy I did, because these shades are stunning. They are a mix of gorgeous taupe, mauve-y warm tones perfect for the wintertime (or, anytime of the year, really). The shades include Golden Gate Bridge, The Hidden Hills, Manhattan Coffee Run & Moscow Sunrise. My favourite shade is Moscow Sunrise as you know I’m all about those rosy-copper tones, girl. I don’t have a picture close up to the palette as I basically just chucked them in the other CP palette I had.


Again, I was victim to CP’s Instagram marketing, and picked up this mini lip kit. The colour Cami attracted me like a seagull to chips, and I have no regrats. I believe this kit will be very useful if you’re a frequent traveller and want to be able to choose from a few different colours without being weighed down, as well as not having to worry about packing a lipliner cause, there is one on the other side of the pencil. A very convenient kit. Also, I love the colour range, If I haven’t said already. Shades include Cookie Lippie & Skimpy Pencil, Cami Lippie & Bound Pencil, LBB Lippie & Pencil, Trust Me Lippie & Bossy Pencil, Chateau Lippie & Dukes Pencil.


One huge perk of this CP promo was that with every certain spend, you’d get a free mini Ultra Satin Lip. And, I am a sucker for the USL! The formula is lovely full pigmented lip colour that doesn’t dry matte. I find them really comfortable. The shades I got were Prim, Strip, Dopey, Frick N Frack, London Fog.

And that is it, friends! I think I did a solid haul here. I will try my best to get some reviews and swatches up of everything. There will definitely be a review on the After Hours Kit because I think its good value, and want to emphasis my enjoyment of it, heh!

Have you got your hands on any CP lately? Share your favourites with me!

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