Sigma Ultimate Copper Eye Brush Set

Copper Eye Brushes??!

Sigma Beauty are basically renown for their top notch brushes. Quite a number of my favourite brushes are by Sigma, including the amazing E40 *drools*. If you’re interested in reading up on my recommendations, click here (not here).

If you’ve got the budget to invest in some quality eye brushes, whether you’re a freelance makeup artist, or just a borderline makeup junkie (like myself), this set basically has every eye brush you’re after.

Below pictured brushes from left to right: E30, E20, E65, E50, E10, E25, E39, E55, E37, E40, E36, E35, E45. 

What’s in the set and what do I do with them?

E10 Small Liner Brush: Designed for gel or liquid liners. It has a very thin and small tip that will help achieve drawing those precise lines.

E20 Short Shader Brush: I love this brush to apply shadow to the lower lash line.

E25 Blending: An awesome blending brush. I also love this brush for applying a sparse amount of shadow to the lid, then blending the colour out (If I’m using the one colour over the eye).

E30 Pencil: This brush makes blending out pencil along the lash liner a dream. With its small, tapered nature, it makes blending out that lower lash liner especially easy. Also great for adding in some inner corner highlight,

E35 Tapered Blending: Designed for the tip of the brush to pick up colour, which is to be applied directly to the crease, sweeping it through. I find this brush very similar to the E40.

E36 Blending Brush: This brush is designed to blend powder products to the smaller areas of the eyes. I love using this brush for inner corner highlight and even diffusely adding pigment to the highlight points of my eye.

E37 All Over Blend: The stiffness of the brush makes blending out harsher shadow a breeze. It’s perfect for blending more than one shadow to finish with a beautifully diffused look.

E39 Buff and Blend: For blending out smaller areas of the eye.

E40 Tapered Blending: My all time favourite blending brush. Literally, all you need to do is sweep the brush back and forward through your crease and the magic of blending has happened.

E45 Small Tapered Blending: A tapered brush designed to add dimension to the eye.

E50 Large Fluff: For adding highlight to the brow bone and also great for the cheekbones.

E55 Eye Shading: Perfect for adding colour directly to the lid.

E65 Small Angled: Works well with gel liners and I also love it for doing winged glitter liner in my crease.

The Verdict 

I know this set may seem a little overwhelming, but its honestly worth the splurge. They may not be the cheapest brushes, but heck, the quality is next to unbeatable in my opinion. I have owned my E40 since 2014/15 and its still in top condition. Some of the brushes may seem a little repetitive, especially if you’re just buying them for yourself. I definitely agree that some of the brushes are pretty versatile and you MAY not need every single one of them. But if you’re a MUA or wanting to start a collection of your own with some top quality brushes, I highly recommend this set.

Where to buy?!

You can purchase the set on the website by clicking hereI also have an affiliate code “ASHLEYMAREE” which you can use at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase. 🙂

Have you tried Sigma Eye Brushes before?

*Thank you to Sigma for providing me with these brushes to review! Honest opinions as of always! *hugs*
* This post contains affiliate links! 

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