Let’s Catch Up – Life & Rants.

Hello friends! Let’s catch up.

I hope everybody has been swell! It’s been a while since i’ve been consistent on the gram and the blog. I have had a few important (and not so important) life things going on which have pushed me a little behind in the fun stuff which I thought I should inform you. So grab a cup (or 4) of coffee and feel free to read about me venting about my life. AND please leave me a comment on what’s been going on with yourself because I’d love to hear.

1. I’m finishing a degree (hallelujah!)

So i’m finally embracing on my 3.5 year journey of my undergraduate degree. It really should of been 3 years, but I decided to do fewer units in my last two semesters so I don’t get overwhelmed with the work load, since I work & blog part time. In case you didn’t know, I studied a bachelor of business, majoring in marketing. It’s definitely been an interesting degree, but I still feel like I have heaps to learn in the marketing field, so I’m continuing on to a master of marketing. I feel like thats going to be quite a challenge, but i’m really excited to learn some new skills.

2. Instagram’s algorithm sucks!

And it’s disheartening. I bet you’re super sick of hearing all Insta-bloggers complain about the algorithm, but it seriously SUCKS majorly when you work so hard at something for so long (years even, 2.5 for me), and your engagement immensely decreases. I feel like a lot of my followers don’t even see my content anymore, and I don’t see a lot of my favourite bloggers content either. I follow over 400 people and see the same 50 in my feed everyday. I WANT TO SEE EVERYBODY! Come on, Instagram! I feel like we should have a choice if we rather see posts in chronological order, or suggestively, most favourited. *SIGGGGH*.

3. I have writer/ creativity block!

Sometimes when I have so much to do, it gets a little overwhelming and I can’t reach the full potential of my brains abilities, lol. My favourite hobby besides painting my face is writing, and I like to keep my writing a little humorous (more like cringe) because it’s my outlet (do you understand or do I just sound delusional?). And most importantly, I want to keep my blog articles as interesting and fun as possible. And also, there is nothing more frustrating then when you have a cool idea for a photo for the gram and the lighting is terrible outside, then you forget the idea. Legit story of my life.

But besides that, I have heaps of cool projects I want to endeavour once I’ve finished with uni for the semester. I’ll have a month and a half break which I want to enjoy! So heres wishing to cool content!

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